Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

This post was inspired by Jenny Free Style's recent post reflecting on her year.

i contemplated writing a resolutions post, but thought it was a better idea to start off with feeling of accomplishment and reflection.

This year I (or in some cases We):
Moved out of the apartment I'd had for 6 years, in with Mikey's parents and him.
Said goodbye to my almost 5 year long employment (it was not my choice)
Co-Hosted a Superbowl party for about 100 people
Said YES to his proposal
Co-Hosted Daytona 500 party for 50
Said Goodbye to My Grandpa-in-law to be.
Turned 27
Designed and began construction on our Loft

Started Blogging
Won a Trip to Las Vegas to see Kenny Chesney, thanks to KUPL
Got pregnant
Planned our budget wedding for 200+
Said goodbye to my Uncle Babysitter
Completed construction on the Loft and moved in
Hosted 2nd Annual Aunts Day
Hosted Kyhara's 1st bday party
Put together our wedding staying under budget.
Found out we are having a GIRL!
Hosted multiple UFC showings and football games
Hosted Halloween Party for 30
Hosted Thanksgiving for 40
Named our Daughter Elizabeth
Co-Hosted Christmas for 40 in-laws
Hosted Christmas 30 in my family
Organized and settled in multiple areas of our home.

I look forward to continuing with my blog and sharing my Loftee adventures throughout the new year.

my only resolution will be to continue living life fully with a positive attitude and enjoy every moment of it.

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