Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bedside Dresser Drawers:... Day One Organizing Challenge

Day One of the 21 Day organization challenge was going to be JUNK DRAWERS, Since I already did the Junk drawer, I was to pick another drawer. I had 2 in mind, my top dresser/night stand drawer, which I had recently organized but needed a touch up, and my office/craft room desk drawer. I decided to start with the office drawer, because hubby was still sleeping and didnt want to wake him up to clean a drawer.

While cleaning out the office drawer, I found some jewelry (not sure why it was in there), my jewelry box in on my bedside dresser, so I took it as a sign to do the bedside drawer also, when hubby awoke.

I had organized this drawer recently but I didnt love how it was functioning I loved that all my massage stuff was contained, but I often tossed items in the drawer from the top of the dresser, and I dont need top drawer access to massage stuff. I decided to switch it with a drawer below it so I could fit my pregnancy books in the top drawer, and have a little free space for all the stuff that ends up on top of the dresser.

Everything that didnt belong in this drawer was pulled out, & trash thrown away.

All the parts to my Hi-Lo electric stimulation massager went in a shoe box, all contained. I might cover the box and make it pretty with a label.

Massage Drawer AFTER:

Another drawer in that dresser was full of post-baby/summer clothes, they were all moved into a box bound for the attic. I swapped the newly empty drawer for the massage drawer.

The pregnancy books were on the other side of the room, but I most commonly read them in bed, so they moved into this drawer:

There is a lot of free space in here. I know myself and I know that i need a little bit of free space as catch all. I am ok with that trait of mine, as long as I plan for it.

I had decided that the clothing accessory stuff should go in the underware drawer instead of the massage drawer, the bra clips, garment tape, lint roller, and extra bra straps all moved out. At this point I realize I need to reorganize my underwear drawer to make room for all that! That is ok, today is drawer day!

Underware drawer before:
I pulled out a bunch of items that werent going back in. Some nicer, but smaller undies were saved in my after pregnancy clothes box, some old uncomfertable ones that i never really loved, (and matchless socks) got thrown in garbage.

I straightened everything and found a box for the non-clothing accessories, it all went back in, a little snug for my comfort but it will work for now.

I am so glad to have gotten 5 drawers organized today. I look forward to the organize challenge on Monday. Tomorrow, during the Seahawks game, I will be working on non-organizing chores, like dishes and laundry....


  1. looks good I really have more then 1 junk drawer too really should of one more . At least i got one done I guess.

  2. Don't you just love how one drawer turned into drawer after drawer? Looks great