Thursday, January 6, 2011

Linen Chest~ Day 4 Organizing Challenge

Day 4 was a busy day and we didnt get home until late, then hubby went straight to bed, so I had to wait to organize our linen, since it lives at the end of our bed in this chest.

I love this huge chest, we picked it up on a family vacation with my hubby and his parents, at an antique shop, paid $50 for it. We knew we wouldnt have much for closets in the loft we were building and would need some place for linens.

I really dont have many linens to store in the loft. We have a bin full of quilts and other blankets for the back of the couches in the home theater, but it lives in the corner of the home theater.

All my seasonal blankets are stored in the attic with the seasonal decorations. I have bunches of fall-ish throw blankets and a few Christmas-ish blankets too, but I dont use them year round.

Granted there are a few household throw blankets in the laundry that will live either on the back of the couch or in the chest. Which is why the chest needed organized, the blankets wouldnt fit otherwise.

All of Ellie's sheets and blankets will live in bins or baskets under her crib or on a shelf once we get her stuff all set up later this month.

without further ado, here is the BEFORE pic:

I have 3 sets of sheets for our queen bed, and 1 set of sheets for a twin bed, we dont own a twin bed, but I love the set and we use it for when guests sleep on the couch. We also have several top-sheets that we put on top of our fancy comforter when we dog-sit to keep Annie from tearing up (or stinking up) the comforter.

Also living in this chest are some flat sheets and some string curtains that I had used as curtains in my old apartment. When the pantry wall is set up in the office, I will use them to hide it.

Also, a box with my husbands's handguns(safety on and unloaded) I don't really like having them in the bedroom, but I dont hate it either. They will find another home soon though.

I pulled everything out:

and I started folding. I begain thinking of how I would containerize the sheets, I like the idea that each set of sheets is folded and stored inside one of the pillow cases, but I have a lot of extra top sheets, and one of my sets doesnt have a matching pillow case...

Then I saw something in the chest. its one of these:

But I dont have any use for it in the Loft. (I loved it in my old aparment with the big closets though) It also had some folding canvas drawers too, I have since stolen them and repurposed them in the kitchen. I could have gotten rid of it when I unpacked it, but Im glad I didnt, because look:

It is slightly longer than the space, but, because its canvas, i just scrunched one of the openings at the end. Also, the hanger thingy isnt metal like the picture, its cloth with velcro, so its just flattened agains the end.
I next found a smaller box for the handguns to go in at the end of the divider thingy, and stretched it out further.

I folded everything, found a new home for Ellie's PillowPet and put it all back:

Those pillows on the edge will likely have to find a new home, probably on the recliner in the office, when its moved in there.

I have a compartment for: extra pillow cases, twin bed sheets, extra queen sheets, top sheets(and Annie's Sesame street blanket) and extra queen set (yes its brand new, identical to the one on our bed currently, ive just been putting the same set on the bed after washing it, but we wanted an extra matching set)

Im really glad I got this done, even if its a day late.

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