Monday, January 3, 2011

Computer Desk:... Day Two Organizing Challenge

I found myself bringing up google reader again today before getting out of bed, excited to complete the challenge. Saturday, having 1 simple task to complete really kept me motivated to stay busy around the house, and I ended up getting more than just my Junk Drawer cleaned up.

Yesterday was a day off for the challenge, and I quite enjoyed it. Went to see Tangled, then relaxed at home until we went down to the in-law's house for dinner and to watch the Seahawks game.

By "watch the game", I meant "take a nap" I'm just not into football. Everyone else in our family is though, both mother and father in-law, hubby, and apparently, our unborn daughter. She dances to the "Are you ready for some football" song, and likes to pretend she is either star kicker, or cheerleader for most of the game. this time, she listened calmly while i napped, but did get excited when they WON!

I am ready to get back into the groove of getting organized, and being productive around the house now that its Monday.

Read about day 2 challenge here.

Day 2 of the challenge is top of computer desk. Well, I don't have a computer desk. I have a laptop that, when not in use, usually sits here:

Coincedentally, I had just cleared this surface off 2 days ago, when I was on a roll after Day 1 of the challenge, the laptop was sitting on some junk mail, papers from the doctor, a couple magazines, and candy wrappers. So without knowing it I gave myself a headstart on Day 2.

Kind of an odd place for it, but its between the bedroom end of the loft and the living room, so I can take my laptop to bed, or to the couch. Or it can sit there and I can stand at it for short periods of time. That box is our can organizing pantry shelf that hubby hasn't put together yet. its been sitting there only a little while (3 months is "only a little while" right?).

Next to the "desk" is a pile of stuff that I have been needing to get to, my (lame) excuse, I needed to catch up with laundry before I wash the blankets. This was a lame excuse because there was more than just blankets in that pile.

Hubby's computer desk, looked like this: Top isnt bad, but what is with all the socks under there?

(This is after I told him I would be cleaning things, so he had moved his Magic cards from in front of the keyboard, so I wouldnt mix them up or something, yes, I married a geek, more proof to come)

Coincidentally, It needs to move to where the box/pile is, so we can shift things around in the bedroom, to make room for baby stuff. So I am glad we are getting both spaces cleaned up for that move.

Technically, my most common "computer desk" is my bed, so I aughta show you what that BEFORE looked like too:
After a short break, (feeling kinda icky today) I got to work.

First thing I did was tackle that pile of blankets (I'll be honest, they were left from a sleepover for Thanksgiving!), under the blankets I found: some trash, a suitcase of clean clothes from a trip we took back in November, (I was looking for those pants and that belt!) hubby's hot pack, a wedding gift (from October) and several chewed up water bottles from when we dog sat early December.

Next, I cleared, dusted and wiped hubby's desk: The lamp moved off of the floor and all the non-garbage was contained in the lamps little organizer.
Moving to the "next desk" I made the bed:
Yes I have a cow pillow pet, yes you may be jealous.
Then, since I might as well, I cleared off the tops of the bedside dressers: (I do not like our "nightstands" but they work for now. theyre as tall as our bed, are perfect sized to go on either side of the bed, and add storage to the room, eventually, we will have pretty matching ones though)
If you look closely on the nightstand on the left, you will see more proof that my husband is a geek. his grooms cake had a tiger, eagle and dragon on it, his favorite animals. He kept the little toys. Occasionally i find on on the floor, he says they fight while we arent looking, but I think he plays with them... Oh well there are worse traits he could have than being a geek.

I moved to the floor, picked up all those socks from under the desk, and other random trash and laundry around the room, finishing up with the broom in the entire room. This prompted me to straighten my shoe shelf also, since there were a few shoes on the floor. (I love how I go off on cleaning tangents)

My "Desk" AFTER:
Hubby's Desk After:
I also updated his PC background, for a nice fresh change, (and because I love our current family portrait)

The cords will be better organized and prettied up when it moves to its new home. Thats a job for the hubby though.

Overall, I am very happy with everything I got done today. It was a much bigger impact visually, than the drawers i cleaned up yesterday, and it prepped for a big job we have to do when we get the baby's bassinet moved in and need to re-arrange.

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