Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clothes drawers~ day 6 of 21 day Organizing Challenge

ahh again I am finding I have a headstart on a challege, that makes me proud of myself.

Day one was supposed to be for Junk Drawers but since I had already organized mine, the touch up was easy, so I moved onto other drawers in the house, underwear drawer included.

We dont have a lot of storage space in our loft, and dont have the desire to own much clothes, so keeping it mostly organized isnt too hard.

I will be showing you my husbands drawers.. (tee hee hee)

I also re-did mine and they look pretty good, I just realized that I failed to take after pics of my
drawers and now hubby is in bed, I might post them later.

Here are some BEFORES:

The top drawer is pj bottoms, socks and boxers. not super straight, but organized. a little crammed, especially because I hadnt washed whites for a while so there are a bunch of socks in the laundry.

the next drawer is for shorts, super crammed full, can barely close it. I purged some more worn out shorts. This was easy to do because ideally hubby will be fitting smaller shorts by the time summer rolls around.

next is tshirts. theyre rolled up so theyre easier to see what they are. (more proof my hubby is a geek, 2 dragon shirts, a warewolf shirt, & 2 tiger shirts. What makes up for the kgeeky shirts is my favorite, it doesnt fit him, but will fit me after Ellie moves out of my belly: Boot Camp for New Dads Tshirt). I didnt do much to this drawer but move the shirts he wears more often to the front. There are a few that are worn out, but I will be saving those for night shirts after the baby is born, or if I leak bm before then.

The pants drawer reminds me I need to do laundry.

Then I see the bottom drawer, the misc drawer has some pants in it... weird, but at least I dont have to do laundry for another day or two tee hee hee... This drawer does have much more potential. The belts were all jumbled, and there is clearly space in the pants drawer for pants.

I went to my pile of boxes bins and containers and found a box for the belts:

rolled them all up, (getting rid of one that i dont think i have ever worn, doesnt go with much of what i wear and is too wide for average belt loops) I wrapped a rubber band around the belts and put them in the blue box: This freed up space to give those socks from the top drawer some breathing room. The uber warm socks and dress socks relocated. Also when I did my bedside drawer re-do, I didnt take in to consideration that I hadnt washed whites in a while or that my bras were all still hanging from when I did laundry last or dirty, so the shoe box of accessories needed to move out of my underwear drawer and into this drawer.

Also, I swapped the shorts drawer for the pants drawer since it is winter time.

So now some AFTERS:
I did do this challenge on day 6, I just havent felt like blogging it, so I promise I am keeping up with the daily stuff (although I havent done the pantry yet) just not the blogging part.
speaking for clothing and laundry...
I got ALL (besides 1/2 a load of towels, and today's clothes) WASHED FOLDED & PUT AWAY today(Saturday) + a load of blankets. YAY!!! SO nice to have that done. I dont do laundry on a daily basis because I (by "I" I mean the Hubby) have to carry the baskets down my apartment deck stairs across the lawn and into the in-law's house, because we dont have W/D hookup. I can carry a basket if its only like 1 load, but if its overstuffed, it gets heavy and some days, it wears me out. I usually forget about the laundry after starting a load then my wonderful mil will end up finishing it for me when she does her laundry. I dont like leaving it for her to do, so I try to do laundry all day long, setting myself a timer to go down and switch it over, which I was succcessful at doing today. I was feeling pretty good today, only really needed to take a break after lunch, but I did that after switching the laundry rather than putting it off.
It is too easy for me to leave clean laundry in hampers to deal with later once its washed, but I have been making myself fold and put away the laundry when I bring it upstairs. The new habit is great. I love that I can put the empty hampers back in the bathroom to be filled (sorted) instead of having a pile of dirty laundry on the floor and have to have the extra effort of picking it all up and sorting it once I empty the baskets.
We have 3 matching, lidded hampers in the bathroom (is it pathetic or awesome that those were what I spent my "fun" money on this month?), (I love how big my bathroom is!) one for lights, towels and darks. We also have a hamper in our bedroom, and when its full, or when I feel like it, I take it into the bathroom to sort. Under the sink is another mini-hamper for kitchen laundry which gets added to the towel hamper when its full. We also have a short basket in the bedroom for clothes we will wear again, like my maternity pants, hubby's pants, hoodies, bras, we wear them a few times before washing them. This cuts down on laundry a lot.

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