Monday, January 10, 2011

Pantry~ DAY 7 Organzing Challenge

Yes i know, i havent done my "pantry" yet, I am ok with this because my cupboards are actually pretty organized. Eventually, (my goal is before the 21 days are over) is to assemble and use my can rack. We got one of these bad boys:
before we even built the loft, thinking that it would fit at the end of the kitchen, well we were wrong, but we also got a chest freezer as a wedding gift, and need more storage anyway, so we will be making a wall in the office a "pantry wall" i started the process awhile back in in this post.

My Hubby assembled the one his parents bought and it was a PITA to assemble, and really needs to be assembled pretty close to where it will be sitting, and that corner of the office is occupied.
So I will be coming back to day 7, I promise.

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  1. wow how good is that can stand. you are forgiven for not doing the pantry lol.