Thursday, January 6, 2011

Under the Kitchen Sink, Day 5 Organizing Challenge

So I've skipped day 4, for now, had a long day away from home and when we got home, hubby went straight to bed, well our linen lives at the end of the bed in a cedar chest, so organzing it when we go home wasnt an option. I will tackle it though, the lid barely closes!

For Day 5, Under the Kitchen Sink I am going to half-cheat. I already did that a while ago, and I can tell you that other than running out of paper towels and having just done laundry, it still looks the same. Check it out here.

I have another busy day today, but if I get the chance, perhaps I will tackle under the bathroom sink... Which would be a good idea since I admitted several times in my post about purging, that I needed to purge cleaning supplies, and I did kinda promise in my bathroom organization post, that I would let my readers see the crazyness.

If I dont do my bathroom sink soon, bug me, Ill appriciate it!

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  1. I am just about to post my linen press I am so tored it took me all day. I am glad to have day 5 off as I have to work tomorrow, and I realy need to do some general tiding and cleaning. good luck with the bathroom sink