Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tupperware Cabinet:... Day Three Organizing Challenge

I saw this was the challenge last night. Either Toni knows were super excited each morning and wanted to give us a quick preview, or there is a time difference. Either way, it was nice to get the heads up.

I was going to do the challenge last night but told myself I had to get the dishes done, so I would have all the Tupperware clean, and well, the dishes needed doing anyway.

Dishes kinda take their toll on my back though, with this big bowling ball between me and the sink, so I decided after doing most of the dishes last night, I would wait until day 3 to do Day 3's challenge.

I left them drying overnight though, why do something that the air will do for me?

Yes, I have 2 drying racks, the smaller white one my MIL had already when we moved into the loft, the larger black one, we bought because the white one isn't large enough usually. The white lives on the counter most of the time, the black one has a spot under the sink usually. Since I let dishes air dry, its nice to have them up on racks, so moisture doesn't get trapped under glasses and anything flat on the towel.

The Messy Tupperware Cabinet BEFORE:

Not bad because I had purged, a lot, when I packed to move out of my old place. all of my household stuff was going into storage until the loft was done. So when I unpacked when we moved in, back in August, I really only had my favorite containers and all the lids had containers and vise-versa.

The lid holding door thingy BEFORE:

I had all my Tupperware lids in a long rectangle container, but when I saw the cabinet door organizer at Bed Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago, I knew just what I would do with it.

The other cabinet where some other plastic containers live BEFORE (and AFTER, It didn't need changing, although I did straighten the lids, like a millimeter):

The drawer where tiny Tupperware lives, BEFORE:I had found, after living here a few months, I have needed to change a few things around for better functionality. The first thing I had done with this cabinet is take all the rarely used entertaining trays and large Tupperware that I use, but not often, out of the cabinet and into my office where I will have a pantry wall, someday. Also, I had started out with all my medium and small Tupperware in one of the larger deep drawers, but I didn't have any place for kitchen towels, and had to go to the linen cabinet for them all the time, no good. That drawer had some free space in it and the main cabinet did too, so I took the tiny stuff and moved it to that drawer and moved the medium stuff to the main cabinet. This freed up the perfect drawer for kitchen linens.

For many organization purposes, its better to keep all like items together, but for me, having the few locations for plasticware actually works very well.

The first thing I did, (after taking pics) was put my dishes away:

I love how this challege is inspiring me to keep up on my cleaning chores. Kinda seems pointless to organize a cabinet under a counter full of dirty dishes, right?

Then, I pulled up a step stool to sit on and tackled the main cabinet:

(I did end up straightening that blue container in the middle after the picture, so it was square with the cabinet)

I pulled out 2 pieces of Tupperware that need replaced next time I see my Tupperware lady.

Other than that, I basically just straightened everything. Didnt need to wash or clean anything, we have only lived here under 5 months, so it didnt need it. On the left I have my Tupperware "place for seals" lid organizers with Flat-Outs(and a few large round lids) in them. I was super excited to get these, when I had a smaller kitchen with more clutter, before I moved, but I really do not use them often. 2 of them actually cracked while in storage, so, although the concept is great, I'm not as happy with them as I thought I would be.

My husband thinks its silly to have the cheese grater in here, but there just isn't a better place for it anywhere in the house. So there it is, its hard shiney metal cuttingness hanging out with the soft brightly colored storageware. I asked him though, and he feels "quite accepted and isnt picked on for being different at all".

The lids were all straightened up, and the tags on the new organizer were removed:

The drawer was next, just a little straightening up, and moving less often used items to the back, I did this while waiting for eggs to cook and toast to pop, it was that easy. (I try to do productive things around the kitchen rather than sit watching pans heat or food cook)
sadly, my vegetable peeler and slicer are in the back and my pizza cutter and ice cream scoop are in the front... don't judge me, I am pregnant! oh but wait, the apple cutter is kinda to the front!

I didn't have to add any organizing bins or things since I already had a decent set up. Just straightening a bit is all.

It does help that I purged (except for my yellow squiggly sandwich cutter, I'm allowed 1 useless unitasker) so much before I moved, and we have only lived here under 5 months.

This really didnt take long at all, and I am glad I did it, although it didnt "need" attention, yet, I didnt want it to get that way!

I really am posting this late at night on day 3, I sleep in every day, so ended up doing the challenge at like 3pm and we had our first childbirth class tonight, so, I promise I didnt procrastinate until the last minute, I just didnt get a chance to write the blog until now.

Im Linking to A Bowl Full of Lemon's 21 Day Organization Challenge Day 3- Tupperware Cabinet


  1. Looks great You motivated from yourcomment today I have now finished both day 2 and 3 of the challenge. I wish I only had that much tupperware to organise.lol

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