Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pantry wall, unfinished day 7

So the pantry wall isn't done yet, but I made some progress, kinda felt forced to after we went grocery shopping and even the best Tetris skills couldn't get everything to fit in the Kitchen Cabinets.

I didn't take a before picture of the cabinets, because i wasn't really planning on blogging it, i was just putting groceries away, but it ended up being pretty organized, for now.

I ended up relocating some of the food from the kitchen cabinets to boxes for the pantry for now, all the less often used stuff, and the duplicate stuff.

I did take a BEFORE picture of the "pantry wall" corner

I had previously worked on starting this wall here

I did a bunch of work in the rest of the room, which I will share more in another blog post. I needed to make space in the room to move some things around so we can assemble our can rack: I moved all the food stuff off of the chest freezer, (yes i know i haven't completed that day's challenge yet, the craft room is more pressing) and over to a stack of boxes that are waiting for a book case to be assembled also. This is my temporary "pantry" It isn't really in any of an organized fashion, that can wait until it finds a new home.

We will get that darn rack assembled, eventually and it will go between the metal shelving unit and the corner.
That pantry wall corner AFTER Until I get that corner looking good, I will show you the food cabinets in the kitchen: above the microwave/hood are all the canned foods, they will eventually move to the pantry wall, but not until i get my can rack assembled. The cabinet to the right of that holds cereal and boxed dinner foods. The extra cereal on top the cabinets will also move to the pantry (there is more in a basket, that you cannot see)

I love that we have a lazy Susan (how sad would it be to be so lazy someone would name a rotating shelf after you? poor Susan) in the lower corner cabinet, it helps keep things from being hidden in the back.
Notice the pink measuring cups Command hooked to the cabinet door?

Let me spin that Susan for you:

Top shelf has peanut butter, a little basket of Kool-Aid and misc packets, granola bars, and salad toppers (bacos, sunflower seeds, croutons and french fried onions). Bottom shelf has canned and dried fruit together, a container of nuts/raisins, and a bunch of drink mixes. My modular mates for sugar and flower fit beautifully under the bottom shelf, so even though the rest of the baking stuff in modular was relocated to the pantry, these stayed, I plan to get some more though, for some misc items instead, since I so rarely use flour, and I keep a smaller sugar container in my spice cabinet I might just have a Tupperware party this month to get some more Modular Mates, since theyre on sale, or some other container that will fit down there.

Having a small-ish kitchen, and no pantry (yet) I opted to put baskets on top the cabinets (review the can cabinet picture above) for added storage. They hold rarely used items: Frostings, food colorings, extracts and sprinkles. Cookie cutters and silicone baking cups. Corn on the cob holders and deviled egg trays. Cupcake liners. (all of my holiday specific sprinkles, cookie cutters and other accessories are stored in the holiday's decorations boxes that only come out for the season. I don't want to look for a plain cupcake liner and find some holly-berry lead ones, or jack-o-lantern ones.)

I also have baskets on top the cupboards for excess cereal, Magic Bullet blender/attachments, misc rarely used glass stuff (shot glasses and sugar/creamer containers). Also, one for the saved-from-recycling lidded containers (like from sour cream and stuff) that I pull down when we have a party and want to send leftovers home with people, it doesn't clutter up my Tupperware cabinet this way, and lots of our parties are in our home theater/shop, so I just take the entire bin down there.

Ok, so Im finally posting my "Pantry"

check out some actual pantries at A Bowl Full of Lemon's Pantry link party, day 7


  1. I think you have a done a wonderful job of assembling your pantry and utilizing what space you have.. I got a good chuckle at the lazy susan bit.. .. and I am trying not to covet that can storage unit.. lol

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