Saturday, January 1, 2011

Junk Drawer revisited:... Day One Organizing Challenge

I know its kinda pathetically awesome, but I was so excited for the challenge, before I even got outta bed, I pulled out my google reader on my phone to see what today's challenge would be, and a little disappointed, I found out we would be working on JUNK DRAWERS. Although I shouldnt be disappointed at my prior accomplishment, I had already organized mine a while back. POO. I kept reading though and Toni, acknowledged that some of the challenge members have already done their junk drawers and we should find another drawer. Link

well, i found 3. ...and I touched up the junk drawer.


for organization purposes, each drawer will have its own seperate post today.

Here is your challenge (I started out simple)...

1. Find a drawer, any drawer (preferribly your junk drawer), and take a picture as it looks right now. No cheating here. We want to see chaos!

I last posted my Junk Drawer when it looked all pretty like this:

This morning, it looked like this: Not too bad, Ive since started storing my vitamin organizer in here, because its the best place for it, fits perfectly and easy to pull out to find items underneith.

2. Now empty the contents into a large box. ALL OF THEM! (Trust me, the box will be much easier than the counter... you can transport it).

I didnt follow this step, because i had already done this drawer recently.

3. Get a soapy washcloth and wipe the drawer clean.
I also skipped this step, I had already done that last time, and it didnt need it again (day one and Im already cheating, oh well, its my blog, ill do what i want!

4. Now, go collect some of those organizing containers that I had you stash away and place them in the drawer. The more containers you have, the more organized you are going to stay!
This step also didnt apply since I already had an awesome tray in place

5. Set up your bins & trash can near you: one bin for "keep", the trash can bin for "toss", and the "donation box" you set aside earlier in the week.

The trash can is right next to the counter, where I was working. I did grab a box for stuff that doesnt belong in the drawer and isnt trash.

6. Get your box of drawer contents, take a seat at the table, and start purging. Keep ONLY what you have used in the last 3 months. Toss everything else... either in the donation box or the trash.

I opted to work at the counter, above the drawer, because it was such a quick clean up.

7. After you have gone through the whole box, you can start organizing! This is the fun part. Try to keep like items together. Isn't organizing fun?

This step just didnt apply to this drawer for me, everything was organized once I pulled out a few scraps of trash and the stuff that didnt belong.

I did refill my vitamin organizer though, I was on the last day anyway.

8. Now take another picture and give your self a pat on the back! Way to go... you completed challenge #1. Don't forget to come back to A Bowl Full of Lemons and share your success on THIS POST!


  1. I need to get a vitamin organizer. Thats such a great idea! Thank you.

  2. We are hosting "Operation Organization" over at Sassy Sites this month too! I would love to have you come over and link up with us!